I LOVE life! I guess that’s why I love my job so much, because it’s all about celebrating life and LOVE. I was born to create; it is a gift. As a kid I loved to draw, pick flowers and would rearrange my room constantly! I wanted to go to art school, but life went in a different direction. However, God allowed me to use my gifts in so many other ways over the years, all being pieces of the puzzle which has lead to “Marcella Lenick Events & Design”… His timing is perfect!

I have been planning and designing weddings for over 12 years and love it more everyday. My desire is to serve each couple with a full heart, making sure they feel loved and taken care of as we plan the biggest day of their life!

I tend to be a "go with the flow" kinda gal, BUT can 100% get into the zone. When the creative juices start flowing, I sometimes forget to stop and eat! I love to laugh and have been told I give awesome hugs!

I am blessed with the most incredible family - my husband and best friend for over 31 years now. My precious son and beautiful daughter-n-law, as well as our first grandchild! They are my world and I am TRULY blessed! 

creative at heart and lover of love




my fave things



Grabbing a latte and going “treasure hunting” (i.e. thrifting) with my guy

Trying out new restaurants with my family... the 4 of us are major "foodies"

Sitting on the beach (or in my backyard) with my sketch pad and a VERY sharp pencil

Margaritas or Bubbly

Flea markets (over shopping malls)

Watching my son play drums. He is so incredibly talented. 

Watching how my daughter-n-law treasures our son & seeing her incredible creative talents.

Encouraging others (especially women)

Snuggles with our lil dog, WILLOW

 Showing God’s love through kindness


Laughing til my stomach hearts

my guy


This is my INCREDIBLE husband, Daniel! He retired several years ago after 25 years of service in law enforcement, 20 of those as a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit. He has seen the worst in humanity and yet still has such love and compassion in his heart. He is an incredibly talented musician and I'm loving watching him rediscover that at this stage in life. He TRULY is my hero and makes me laugh ALL the time.  
"Grow old with me the best is yet to be"


Our awesome son JD (Joshua Daniel) is a professional drummer and is so incredibly talented. He is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. To know him is to love him. He continues to inspire me in his pursuit of being brave and chasing your dreams. Our beautiful daughter-in-law, Britt, is the absolute perfect fit for our family and is also an incredible creative. In 2020, they moved to Nashville to pursue even bigger dreams and in 2021, gave us our first grandchild.... Theo Eames! It truly is as incredible as everyone says, being his nana is the best!!



Willow came into our lives a month before the everything shut down, it was God's perfect timing. She is the sweetest and funniest dog we've ever owned and we've had 2 other great dogs!
We like to say she is a little "joy bomb" because she brings joy everywhere she goes. 
I'm pretty sure I kiss her lil head 100x a day!